Wishing your mentor was at your side when you're in a game of bridge?

That's why I created my own "bidding guide" for successful bridge contracts! It's got the essentials that I found I needed describing opening bids and responses, and suggested leads. It also provided me with a quick reference that outlines game-point thresholds using the Standard American bidding system.

Molly's Bridge Guide


Molly's Guide to Successful Contracts

Teachers and Clubs
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Molly's Guide to Successful Contracts is designed for your convenience and real-world use.

You'll benefit from Molly's Guide if :

  • you are a beginning to intermediate player wanting to hone your skills.
  • you would like a convenient, discreet study guide.
  • as a veteran player, you'd like to refresh bidding knowledge.
  • you learned the Goren system or others and now wish to use the Standard American system, including Stayman and Jacoby Transfer conventions.
  • you would like a structural tool to discuss bidding strategy when playing with new partners.

So you can find the information you want at a glance, the 8-1/2" x 11" Guide is printed on one side with a clear glossy finish. It is prefolded to fit into a business size envelope. Slip it into a purse or jacket pocket for convenient reference and study.

Teachers and Clubs
The perfect gift for the new bridge players or a giveaway at your next novice bridge game. Save with orders of 6 or more Guides!

The Story Behind Molly's Guide to Successful Contracts Molly Mount, author of Molly's Guide to Successful ContractsDue to a catastrophic downhill snow skiing accident, I was forced to find a new winter sport. So I decided to take up bridge in my late 50's. Growing up I played an occasional game of hearts but beyond that I had never played cards. I signed up for Bridge 101 at our local community college and a new passion developed quickly.

In the process of my bridge learning experience, I compiled my study notes into this one-page bidding guide. I shared my creation with fellow learners and they have found it extremely helpful, not only in the initial learning process, but also as they began to partner with others in actual play.

My local community has embraced Molly's Guide To Successful Contracts with great enthusiasm. Even my Bridge 101 ACBL accredited bridge instructor sells this guide to her students. I was able to turn the adversity of my skiing accident into a life-long hobby that has opened doors and introduced me to wonderful new friends.

I hope you find this guide as helpful as I have.


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